We focus our efforts on residential interiors, gravitating toward projects that are creative and unique.

We understand that an educated client is one who pursues the latest trends and innovations in home design. We strive to craft their vision into a tangible space.

Our constant attention to technological advances and new development in resources for the home improvement industry allow us to improve the quality of our service, resulting in superior outcomes for our clients and their domains. These are the hallmarks our craft.

Our Focus

Custom Woodworking

The Artisan Home Renewals name is based on what we enjoy doing most; refurbishing existing homes to include not only new product, technology, and green building standards but to the level of beauty the original craftsman of the home envisioned.

Acoustics, Sound and Lighting

New homes are outfitted to some level with the latest technology to control sound and enhance the home with light. Artisan’s mission is to expand on the standards and enhance the living quality for the homeowner using sound control, lighting solutions and acoustics for those that need designated music rooms and home theaters

Design and Build

Artisan’s main attribute is our eye to creative design and detail. We source expert architectural design, interior design, and product to suit the requirements of each project. Our craftsman principles focus on solutions that apply to the unique setting and structure of your home.


Above-average clients.
Above-average contractor.

We enter into the process with the understanding that most of our clients have a vision for their interior renovations which go beyond average. So at Artisan, we pride ourselves on being above average in our knowledge of the latest building products and techniques. In our process, we give you absolute freedom to express your vision. We never turn away any thought or idea without assessment. We explore the possibilities until we hit upon the ultimate design concept that encompasses your vision. The integrity of old-world craftsmanship with state of the art design.


Dave Stretch
Dave Stretch
Master Craftsman
David’s interest in the finer aspects of home remodeling began with the renovation of his parents’ 1845 farm house. His goal was to preserve the integrity of the original structure while incorporating the modernization of the home to today’s technological standards. Having trained in the field of sound engineering in New York City at the Center for the Media Arts, he was able to complete the renovation using his knowledge of lighting, sound control, and electronic media. Over the years, David rigorously expanded his education in lighting control through the widely respected Lutron™ training program, and earned a certification in imaging science for video calibration. Additionally, David became ever-conscious of the need to work in a manner which respected the environment, and he began to explore using reclaimed lumber in his remodels, and using sustainable materials in the homes in which he worked.  David and Andrew began to collaborate on jobs a dozen years ago, and the unique blend of their skill sets brought artistry and craftsmanship together in a way that has made them highly sought after for the highest quality home remodeling
Andrew Straub
Andrew Straub
Master Craftsman
Andrew’s career began as a cabinet maker in the millwright union, where he developed a passion for refined woodworking and construction. His mentor gave him a specific rule that he takes to heart with each project. ‘When you do quality work, the calls you receive will be thank you calls and referrals, not complaints.’ After six years’ service to our country in the Army National Guard, Andrew began his full time career in home remodeling. He found clients were drawn to him for his for creative problem solving ideas and refined skills for woodworking and tile work. Andrew and David crossed paths on several jobs in 2004, and found that they each had unique skills to offer which together created the perfect package of design and craftsmanship in the true tradition of artisans.
Stephanie Bolinda
Stephanie Bolinda
Interior Design
I am the former owner/publisher of Home & Design Pittsburgh Magazine and have been an interior designer for more than 25 years. I have sat on the boards for both LaRoche College Interior Design Student Development as well as Habitat for Humanity, Beaver County. These experiences bring a unique perspective to my design work. My years in the industry have brought me many connections to some fabulous trades people and product suppliers that help support the creative aspects of interior design.

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